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Air Conditioning


“I was provide with different unit and payment options and was not pressured into a sale. My questions were answered in a honest and straight forward manner. I was present during the installation process and noticed a treat it as your own attitude the techs seemed to have. After completion and testing of the unit I had more questions which the techs patiently answered. My overall experience from start to finish left me feeling confidant that I was informed and made the right decisions.” ~ Mike


Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioner Installation can run in the thousands and depends on contractors’ estimates. Some contractors may charge significantly more than others. If you’ve never had central air conditioning in your home, you may need new ductwork, which can push the price up by thousands of dollars.

Sizing, which will be explained in the next paragraphs, comes down to one choice: the exact size you need — no more, no less.

Small house, round house, big house: air conditioner prices vary. Research central air conditioner costs before diving in. The size of the area being cooled is an obvious factor when it comes to sizing your potential air conditioning unit.

The square footage of your home will directly affect your home cooling needs.

The size and position of windows and whether they have shading contributes to the insulation in your home. If your home is well insulated, you’ll have less need for a larger central air system.

Even the number of occupants changes both heating and cooling needs. A full home will generally be warmer, thanks to natural body heat. A larger house with fewer people might need a little boost to keep things cool. Home appliances and electrical equipment create heat. If your home is filled with heavy appliances and strong lights that are often left on, you may need a stronger central air conditioning system to combat the heat that they create.

Sizing up your central air conditioner

There’s a reason you never see flat-rate new central air conditioner Mesa prices advertised. There are no easy answers when it comes to a new air conditioner cost and countless factors can push the price upward or downward by thousands of dollars.


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